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Protective Property & Casualty Insurance Company admitted in New York as an insurance carrier: New forms required beginning September 30
Protective Property & Casualty Insurance Company (PPCIC) was admitted in New York as an insurance carrier. We have converted our current products previously backed by Allstate, Old Republic and Western General to the PPCIC backing. The current rates and coverages will not change. New forms that reflect the PPCIC backing will need to be installed in all New York dealers effective 9/30/21.

The following products for all New York dealers (including DOWC) will be impacted:
  • VSCs: Standalone, Combo, TTP, Edge
  • Maintenance
  • Road Hazard
  • Ancillary Combo
  • Paintless Dent Removal
  • Paint & Fabric
  • Key Replacement
Old Republic
  • VSCs: Protective Vehicle Protection Plan, Protective Auto Care Plan, CostGuard, GAP, Portfolio Elite, XtraRide Powersports, FPC Premium Marine Protective and XtraRide RV Service Contract Program
  • Warranties: Limited and Lifetime
Western General

Additional Notes:


  • No Warranty forms were revised due to the CLIP conversion.
  • There are three USWC forms pending approval; however, there is no current production for the forms.


Specific forms impacted are listed below:

DOWC Forms
DOWC grid
USWC Forms
USWC grid
Protective Forms
Protective grid

PPCIC forms in New York update overview:


Rate Impact

There will be no rate impact. The new forms will be installed at the same rate as current forms.

System Implementation

All dealers will be updated in the MAX and Warranty Admin systems with access to the new forms effective 9/30/21.

Form Availability

The revised forms will be available on F&I Café and the US Dealer Services site. The revised forms will be distributed to our menu and DMS providers, but dealers may need to contact their menu or DMS provider(s) in advance to obtain access. Printed forms are available to order. Please note, not all forms were printed; only previously printed forms are available to order. If your dealer(s) requires printed forms, please contact Client Relations at 800-794-5491 or email to place an order.

Dealer Impacts

As stated above, there is no impact to rate, only a form change (except to warranties). Dealers will use new forms that indicate PPCIC as the insurer effective 9/30/21.

If you have questions, please contact our Client Relations Team at 800-794-5491 or email