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Dealer Participation Programs

Opportunities to meet your needs

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Protective's dealer participation programs

Not every business is the same. That's why Protective Asset Protection offers multiple options for dealers to participate in the profits of the F&I products you sell.

Protective’s retro programs can help increase profits from the Protective Asset Protection products you sell. A dealer is paid a portion of underwriting profits as business earns out on an annual basis. Payments are made directly to the dealership. With our retro program you do not assume any risk. You participate only in the profit. 
CFC (Controlled Foreign Corporation)
3 levels of participation to offer dealers multiple options to best fit their needs.

NCFC (Non-Controled Foreign Corporation)
Own stock in a reinsurance company and have the financial strength to produce long-term economic benefits.
Protective DOWC
This is a unique opportunity for dealers to own their own warranty companies. Protective facilitates the set-up and provides day-to-day support of the Protective DOWC’s operations. A Protective DOWC provides its owner the opportunity to capitalize on the underwriting profits and investment income with no risk to dealership assets or dealer owner.

Protective's role

Risk Management
Our actuarial team prices our products through a disciplined approach to help maintain your profitability.
Our team conducts quarterly reserve reviews and profitability evaluations for each product.
Contract Processing
Our processing team edits each contract to ensure accuracy, handles cancellations, refunds, & billing statements.
Claims Administration
Our claims department answers customer calls and adjudicates claims on the dealer’s behalf.
Administering black or white to ensure profitability and put dealership in a win-win situation with customers.
Reinsurance Reviews
Monthly, quarterly, & annual reviews  
Forms & Printing
We provide all forms and the ability to laser print contracts via our F&I Café portal and outside providers
Bank Approval
Oversee bank and captive finance source acceptance and approval
Compliance Management
We maintain state/federal legal form compliancy to protect your dealership from legal risk
Contractual Liability Insurance Policy
Why Protective

Protective Asset Protection is a leading F&I provider, serving dealers for over 60 years.

Our parent company, Protective Life Insurance Company, has been serving people for over 115 years. 

Protective Life Corporation is a subsidiary of Dai-ichiLife Holdings, Inc., which is ranked on the Fortune Global 500 list as one of the world's largest companies based on revenue.*


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