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RpmPlus RV GAP

GAP helps waive what insurance doesn’t cover

If your RV/trailer vehicle is declared a total loss due to an accident, theft, or natural disaster1, your primary insurance company may only pay you for the amount equal to their assessment of the market value of your vehicle at the time of the total loss, less your deductible amount. Unfortunately, there may be a significant “gap” between what your primary insurer pays and the balance you owe on your vehicle finance agreement.

RpmPlus RV’s Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)
product may help protect you by waiving some or all of the difference.1

  • Waives up to $50,000 of the “gap” due to a covered total loss2
  • Includes coverage for your primary insurance deductible up to $1,0003
  • Available on vehicles with a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP)/National Automobile Dealers Association Official Used Car Guide (NADA)value of up to $500,000
  • Covers amount financed up to 120% of the vehicle’s MSRP/NADA value4
  • GAP covers up to 120 months of the term of your vehicle finance agreement5

Coverage exclusions apply6:

• Any amounts or terms exceeding the program maximum limits listed under “Benefits” or in your Addendum
• Any amounts owed on your vehicle finance agreement resulting from late fees, due date changes, or from missed, delinquent, deferred, or skipped payments
• Total losses resulting from dishonest, fraudulent or illegal acts (such as DUI) by customer, customer’s family member, or other person acting under customer’s authority
• Vehicles used for competitive racing or for a prohibited commercial purpose, including, but not limited to, ride share services
• If the customer has refi nanced the original vehicle fi nance agreement or the original covered vehicle
• The following deductions taken by the primary insurer: prior damage, salvage, missing items, excess towing, custom equipment and storage7

How GAP protects your customer's investment

Primary insurance assessment of vehicle market value at time of total loss


Primary insurance deductible2

- $500

Market Value of Vehicle less Primary Insurance Deductible



Outstanding finance agreement balance at time of total
loss, assuming all payments were made on time

- $18,000

Potential amount you owe


Waived by GAP


Out-of-pocket expenses with GAP


1 Please refer to your Addendum for details. GAP programs vary by dealer/lender/state of purchase. Maximum eligibility limits, coverage limits, and exclusions apply. Note that you remain responsible for past due payments, late fees, other charges on your vehicle finance agreement, and any other amounts that are not covered by the GAP product. Not available on camper tops/camper shells and truck campers/truck toppers.
2 The maximum waiver benefit amount available is as follows: (i) $30,000, if the amount financed is less than $75,000; or (ii) $50,000, if the amount financed is between $75,000 and $500,000.
3 Primary insurance deductible coverage is not available in all states. See state-specific provisions in your Addendum for complete details. Please note, Primary insurance deductible coverage is not paid or reimbursed directly to the customer; this coverage is included as part of the overall GAP Waiver Benefit calculation.
4 This is a limitation on the ratio of the vehicle finance agreement amount compared to the vehicle value. No coverage will be provided for the portion of the outstanding vehicle finance agreement balance resulting from the amount financed being greater than 120% of the MSRP/NADA value of the vehicle. In the event of a total loss, the outstanding vehicle finance agreement balance will be re-amortized as if the amount financed was 120% of the MSRP/NADA value (unless state law provides otherwise).
5 This is a limitation on the GAP coverage term compared to the vehicle finance agreement term. If your vehicle finance agreement term exceeds 120 months, you will be required to select a truncated GAP coverage term, not to exceed 120 months. If a truncated GAP coverage term is selected, no coverage will be provided for a total loss to the covered vehicle occurring after the expiration of the truncated GAP coverage term (unless state law provides otherwise).
6 Additional exclusions may apply. Please see your Addendum for specific coverage details, including limitations and exclusions. 
7 Unless state law provides otherwise.

RpmPlus RV GAP is a Revolos legacy product.

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