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Motorcycle wheels and brake components
Motorcycle wheels and brake components

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RpmPlus Sport Tire & Wheel Protection Plan

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Covered road hazards
We will reimburse for potholes, nails, glass and other road debris causing tire damage beyond normal wear & tear.
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Flat tire coverage
We will reimburse for the reasonable costs incurred to repair a flat tire caused by a road hazard while operating the vehicle on public streets.
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Tire replacement
We will reimburse for the reasonable costs incurred to replace a tire, only if a tire covered becomes unrepairable due to damage caused by a road hazard.
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Wheel/rim protection
We will reimburse for the repair or replacement of wheels rendered unserviceable due to a road hazard covered under this plan. The covered wheel will be replaced in the event that it cannot be repaired.
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Mounting/balancing & state taxes
We will reimburse for the reasonable costs that are incurred for mounting, balancing, valve stems and tire disposal for any tire replaced under this plan. We will also reimburse for the cost of local and state taxes, as directed by state agencies for any tire or wheel replaced under
this plan.
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• Benefits backed by “A” rated insurance carrier

• No deductible

• No replacement cost limits

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