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Motorcycle riding on winding road
Motorcycle riding on winding road


RpmPlus Choice Priority Maintenance

Your customer can avoid expensive repair costs and maintain their vehicle regularly with our Priority Maintenance Program. Priority Maintenance provides a convenient and affordable way for them to maintain their vehicle in accordance with the owner’s manual.

Motorcycle technician with clipboard

• Prevent high-cost repairs
• Routine maintenance made easy
• Protect against rising costs of parts and labor

Protect. Maintain. Save.

Dealers are trained and equipped to properly service vehicles. By returning to authorized dealers, your customers can be assured that the right service gets done by the right people with the right tools. It’s the right way to keep their ride
running smoothly.

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They won't void their warranty

    Factory recommended maintenance that covers both parts & labor (See Owner’s Manual)


    Fulfills their obligation to perform proper maintenance during their warranty period keeping future warranty claims valid


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Increased value

    Increase resale value with proof of maintenance performed


    Receive affordable prices for maintenance services


    Finance the vehicle’s maintenance costs over a year or more

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Better budgeting

    Reduces the risk of high repair bills by maintaining their vehicle


    Service their vehicle as scheduled without surprising maintenance costs


    Lock in maintenance costs at today’s prices

RpmPlus Choice Priority Maintenance is a Revolos legacy product.

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