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Wheels of boat on trailer
Wheels of boat on trailer

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Marine Tire & Wheel Protection Plan

Protect your customers from the repair costs caused by road hazards

With our Tire & Wheel Protection Plan your customers will have peace of mind knowing their tires and/or wheels are covered in the event they are damaged as a result of a road hazard such as nails, screws, glass, potholes and cracks on the road.

Protection from road hazards:

Cracks or breaks
Parking stops
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Tire Protection

Repair or if non-repairable, replacement of each tire attached to your customer's vehicle with a tread depth of 3/32 of an inch or more due to damage from a road hazard while transporting your watercraft.


Coverage is limited to $350 for each tire per covered repair.*


The repair or replacement of a tire will include the following as applicable: mounting, balancing, wheel weights, valve stems, patches/patch plugs and taxes required to complete a covered repair.

Automotive wheel
Wheel Protection

Repair or if non‑repairable replace each wheel attached to your customer's vehicle that will not seal or hold air after a tire is repaired or replaced due to a road hazard.


Coverage is limited to $600 for each wheel per covered repair.*

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Additional Benefits

Tire and pressure gauge
Towing and Flat Tire Allowance

We will reimburse your customer up to $100 per incident for towing assistance or flat tire replacement expenses incurred due to damage to tire(s) and/or wheel(s) from a road hazard. This allowance comprises towing service and flat tire replacement using the vehicle’s inflated spare.

Your customer must make their own arrangements for towing and flat tire assistance.
*Replacements are limited to the same tire/wheel as the vehicle’s original equipment manufacturer’s tire/wheel or a comparable tire/wheel of like kind and quality if the original equipment manufacturer’s tire/wheel is not available or out of production.
Limits and exclusions
Coverage is subject to limits and exclusions. Under some circumstances, a tire or wheel may not be covered (for example, manufacturer’s defects and dry rot). Please see the service contract for details.

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