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EDGE Service Contract

Protection for your customer's high-mileage vehicle

EDGE is a high-mileage vehicle service contract, designed to protect your customer from the cost of unexpected repairs. EDGE highlights include:

Ultimate coverage

Our most comprehensive coverage has a ZERO dollar deductible and includes all the benefits of the Basic and Value packages PLUS additional parts.

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EDGE Service Contract coverage levels

Coverage Levels

(per visit)

24-Hour Roadside Assistance

Engine and Fuel

Engine components, oxygen sensor, EGR valve, cam/crank sensor, fuel pump, lift pump, transfer pump and factory installed turbo/supercharger

Engine components plus fuel injectors

Transmission / Transfer Case
(Transmission and transfer cases only if damaged by a covered component internal to the transmission or transfer case housing. 


Automatic Transmission/Transfer Case components plus flywheel and transmission cooler. 


Drive Axle Assembly

Seal and Gaskets
When required in conjunction with covered repair: coolant leaks on cylinder heads and intake manifold gaskets

Filters, Fluids & Lubricants
When required to complete a covered repair for any covered part

Engine Cooling System


Steering Components

Brake Components

Air Conditioning

Electrical Components
Electrical components plus horn and relay, sliding door actuator, lift gate actuator, trunk actuator, power antenna motor, convertible power top motor, sunroof motor

Rental Benefits
Reimbursement up to $35 per day for a maximum of 3 days per occurrence, when your vehicle is inoperative and must remain overnight for a covered repair




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Additional Benefits and Services

Additional benefits may require out-of-pocket expense that is reimbursable under contract terms.
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24-Hour roadside assistance:
• Towing assistance
• Battery assistance
• Flat tire assistance (with vehicle’s inflated spare)
• Fuel, water or other fluid delivery (excluding the cost of fluids)
• Lock-out assistance
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(Subject to fees)