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Man working on car

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RpmPlus Choice Pre-paid Maintenance

Marketed and designed for franchised and mid- to large-size independent auto dealers. Routine maintenance costs can be expensive and time consuming, which is why some owners never perform the manufacturer’s recommended scheduled services. Now, your customers can plan ahead with RpmPlus Choice, the convenient and affordable way to pre-pay for regular maintenance in accordance with the owner’s manual.

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• Covers the costs of regular service visits and prevents high cost repairs

• Routine maintenance made easy

Protect. Maintain. Save.

Dealers are trained and equipped to properly service vehicles. By returning to authorized dealers, your customers can be assured that the right service gets done by the right people with the right tools. It’s the right way to keep their ride running smooth.

With RpmPlus Choice, your customers are free to get dealership maintenance at no additional cost.

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Upholds the warranty
Manufacturers only honor a vehicle’s factory warranty if routine maintenance is kept up.
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Minimize risk
Regular maintenance reduces the chance of costly repair bills.
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Increased value
Proof of regular, routine maintenance increases the value of the vehicle.
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Locked-in rate
Today’s discounted rate locks in current prices for parts and labor to beat inflation.
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Reduced costs

Save up to 40% on routine maintenance.

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All inclusive

Covers all parts and labor outlined in your customer's owner’s manual

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Simpler budgeting
Finance the vehicle's regular scheduled maintenance costs over time.

RpmPlus Choice Pre-paid Maintenance is a Revolos legacy product.

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