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Man checking the paint on a car
Man checking the paint on a car

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Protective Paint & Fabric Defense with NanoxideTM Plans

Paint & Fabric Defense with Nanoxide™ uses industry-leading nanotechnology to form a molecular bond with the interior and exterior surfaces of the vehicle, creating a protective barrier that is second to none. We also offers a ceramic exterior protectant product. The ceramic protectant has a reactive polysiloxane that causes crosslinking of the silicone matrix into an extra hard ceramic coat. This crosslinking process continues after the initial application, creating an increasingly tougher surface over time.

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Exterior/Ceramic Exterior

Completely seals and protects paint from:

Bird waste, tree sap, insects, acid rain, sun exposure, hard water etching, industrial fallout, road salt and de-icing agents, weather/ultraviolet-induced cracking, peeling or loss of gloss

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Seals out water & oil-based stains. Protects from premature aging and makes clean-up easy.

Food, drink, vomit, urine, pet stains, gum, crayons, ink, dyes, lipstick, makeup, blood, baby diapers, topical oils / lotions

Interior fabric of a car
Rip & Tear Protection

Protect against permanent damage to the vehicle's interior including weather induced or ultraviolet-induced weakening resulting in fading, cracking, loose stitching, rips or tears less than 2 inches, or punctures less than ¼ inch in diameter.

Additional Benefits

Substitute Transportation
We will reimburse up to $35 per day, for a maximum of 3 days per occurrence, for expenses incurred to rent a substitute vehicle from a licensed rental car agency or for public or private commercial transportation if you have an authorized paint/fabric covered repair.

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Terms from 1 to 7 years


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