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Family with SUV in driveway
Family with SUV in driveway

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US Wear and Tear Protection Plan

For leased vehicles

Protection from unexpected lease-end expenses with US Wear & Tear.

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Program Benefits

• Up to $5,000 total claim benefit
• Up to $1,000 for a single event maximum

Events may include:
• Excessive tire wear or damage
• Damage to interior carpet or upholstery
• Exterior scratches
• Windshield scratches
• Replacement of inoperative interior electronics1
• Coverage of missing parts (interior / exterior) up to $500


1 Coverage up to single event maximum

Program Options

Open Term: vehicle may be turned in at any time prior to and up to 90 days after original scheduled termination date

Standard Term: vehicle must be turned in within 0 days of original scheduled termination date

$0 or $100 deductible

Interior of car
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What's Covered*

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Dings, scratches and chips
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Tears and stains in leather, cloth or vinyl
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Electronics / GPS
Replacement or repair of factory navigation, stereo or DVD system2 
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Bumpers / Trim

Dents, scratches or gouges

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Windshield / Window

Cracks, scratches or replacements

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Lights / Lenses
Cracks or clouded lenses
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Muffler / TailPipe


* Excess mileage driven over the lease term limits is not covered by this program. Please see program addendum for limits and exclusions.
2Electronics / GPS: Missing parts up to $500 limit.
3Muffler / Tailpipe: Charges for damage to mufflers and tailpipes less than $100 is not covered.

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