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Auto Care Plan - A Higher Mileage Protection Plan
Higher mileage vehicles need a higher mileage protection plan. With the Protective Auto Care Plan you can offer your customers true peace of mind knowing their vehicle purchases are covered against some of the most costly repair expenses. You can also rest easy knowing it’s administered by an F&I industry leader that you can count on.

Auto Care Plan Overview

Rise Above Your Competition

  • Coverage designed for higher mileage vehicles
  • Four coverage levels plus Wrap options that better meet the needs of today’s vehicles and consumers
  • Range of model years and mileage bands
  • Additional benefits that provide true peace of mind
  • Transfer benefit
  • Differentiate your dealership from your competitors
  • Increase vehicle sales, customer satisfaction and retention
  • Marketing materials to promote the program
  • Administered by Protective Asset Protection, an industry leader that has been serving dealers for over 55 years
  • Dealer participation programs are available – increasing your profit-growing opportunities
  • Coverage Levels
  • Pre-owned Component Coverages: Powertrain, Plus, Advanced
  • Exclusionary Coverage: Ultimate
  • Wrap New/Pre-Owned Exclusionary Coverage

Additional Benefits*

  • 24-Hour Roadside Assistance: Towing, Flat Tire Assistance, Fluid Delivery, Lock-Out Assistance and Jump-Start
  • Rental Car Coverage

*All services subject to maximum reimbursement limits. Services not available in all states.

Deductible Options

  • $100, $200 and $500
  • $100 disappearing


  • New Ultimate Coverage: Current + 5 model years and under 60,000 miles
  • Pre-owned Powertrain Coverage: Current + 15 model years and under 200,000 miles
  • Pre-owned Plus and Advanced Coverage: Current + 15 model years and under 150,000 miles
  • Wrap-Pre-Owned Coverage: Current + 15 model years and under 80,000 miles
  • Wrap-New Coverage: Must have existing powertrain warranty (OEM, Limited, Lifetime, etc.)

Waiting Period Options

  • Option 1: No Waiting Period – All coverage levels have first day coverage
  • Option 2: Ultimate and Wrap-New have first day coverage / Pre-Owned Powertrain, Plus, Advanced and Wrap-Preowned have a 30 day and 1,000 mile waiting period

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