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System Interruption Update
Last Updated Friday 8/6/21


Recently, one of our technical systems has experienced unforeseeable performance issues resulting in limited functionality for the website utilized primarily for Protective DOWC and warehousing dealer groups. We are providing this information to make sure you are aware of the system impacts and what is being done to minimize the impact to dealership business.


What has happened?

Unforeseeable performance issues with the technical systems that house the USW block of business, which largely consists of DOWC customers and customers in a warehouse status, caused functionality to be unavailable. Functionality has been restored and work is ongoing to address any remaining issues and repair the system performance. None of these technical issues have impacted any key functionality on F&I Café or the Revolos platform.


Why has this happened?

The technical systems and supporting website that are utilized for this block of business are on a secure and proprietary technology platform. Recent improvements to the system have cause a degradation in performance that was not seen throughout numerous rounds of testing and quality assurance.


What is being done?

Dedicated teams worked around the clock to provide performance enhancements to the areas of the systems that require attention. These teams are working quickly and carefully to ensure the performance improvements implemented are done so to resolve system availability and cause no other unforeseeable issues. Teams are continually monitoring the system and website performance for any issues.


Has the issue been resolved?

System functionality has been restored and teams are continuing to closely monitor system performance. If you are unable to access any functionality, please contact us or reach out to your Protective representative.


What have been the impacts?

Most importantly, system hardware, software and data remain secure and safe. Certain site functionality was impacted and became unavailable resulting in impacts to billing transaction history, cancellations, claims and reporting. At this time, functionality has been returned except for queries and unified cancellations. Impacts to these functionality outages are:

  • Clients using product programs on both the USW and F&I Café platforms currently cannot use the unified cancelation function available on both and F&I Café. Cancellations will need to be addressed on each site respectively.
  • Pending contracts not activated prior to 7/29/21. Contracts can now be activated online. Any contracts activated on or after 8/2/21 will show up as August business. Unfortunately, we are unable to electronically move these contracts back to July.
  • If any contracts needed to be voided but were unable to complete the transactions, they should be flat cancelled in August. These contracts will show on the billing statement for July but will be cancelled in August upon being cancelled online.
  • Any email requesting cancellation that was received on or after 8/2/21 can not to be cancelled in July due to the month-end process. However, any cancellations received via email will still be addressed, and the cancellations will be reflected in August activity.
  • Month end reports are being processed. If any reports have not already been received, have been sent by end of business 8/5/21.
  • Access to all statements as part of DOWC reporting will be available by the end of business 8/5/21.
  • There is no impact to the timing of commission payments, other than the timing of the pending contracts noted above where commissions will be paid with August production (in September).


For Additional Assistance

Contact your Protective representative.
For assistance with cancellations you can email
For any claims assistance, please contact your Protective representative.
If you are in need of a billing report that is not currently emailed to you, you can request your billing report by emailing