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Automotive Marketing Materials

Below are samples of our automotive digital and print marketing materials. If you would like to utilize any of the following videos please click here to request access.
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Protective Vehicle Protection Plan
Designed to meet the growth of technology in today's vehicles. The auto industry is seeing a demand for more advanced electronics, technology, safety and alternative power systems. The Protective Vehicle Protection Plan is better suited to meet these growing needs today and into the future.
Protective Auto Care Plan
Vehicles are one of the fastest-growing technological devices. With mechanical systems powered by sophisticated software and monitoring systems, it is now more important than ever to offer your customers true peace of mind knowing their vehicle purchases are covered against some of the most costly repair expenses. 
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In the event of a total loss or unrecovered theft, GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) will, in most cases, pay the difference between the actual cash value and the scheduled balance owed to the lender.
Paint & Fabric Defense

Protection for your vehicle's interior and exterior surfaces.

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News-Marketing-Automotive_0009_Theft deterrent-SQUARE
Theft Deterrent
A unique and traceable identifier that can be used by law enforcement to help recover your vehicle if stolen.
Tire & Wheel Protection
Protection from the repair costs caused by road hazards.
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Paintless Dent Repair
Preserve the vehicle's beauty and its resale value.
Key Repair & Replacement
Protection against the expense of lost or stolen keys and can help eliminate the hassles of an already stressful situation.
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News-Marketing-Automotive_0005_Windshield repair-SQUARE
Windshield Repair
Protection against minor chips and cracks caused by a road hazard.
Certified Plus Limited Warranty

A certified warranty program PLUS much more. For more info click here.

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News-Marketing-Automotive_0003_Certified limited warranty-SQUARE
Certified Limited Warranty
A powertrain program that provides dealers with the opportunity to stand above the competition.
Lifetime Powertrain Warranty
A powertrain program that protects the major components of your customer’s vehicle for as long as they own the vehicle.
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News-Marketing-Automotive_0001_Lifetime engine warranty-SQUARE
Lifetime Engine Warranty
Provides lifetime engine coverage for eligible vehicles.
Powertrain Limited Warranty for Life
Protects the major components of your customer’s vehicle for as long as that customer owns the vehicle after a short waiting period of 90 days and at least 3,000 miles.
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