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Protective Training Team

Our team of sales and training professionals have hundreds of years of combined experience. We’re here to help you and your team, both by phone and digitally. Our online training programs are the perfect tools to expand your F&I knowledge or stay on top of your game.
Karla Kramer

Sales Training Director

Karla is a leader with developing and facilitating workshops and on-line learning for Corporations and Universities. She has been in the business since 1982.
Peter Chafetz
Sales Training Director

Peter has over 30 years of automotive VSC and ancillary product sales and training leadership experience. With both direct and independent agent sales experience, he’s been a knowledgeable and frequent contributor to several industry publications, as well as an NADA presenter.

Derwin Williams

National Sales Trainer

Derwin is an F&I Trainer with one goal in mind -to enhance an F&I Manager’s knowledge of the process while maximizing revenue for the dealership. He has trained over 200 F&I Managers and created custom training material for F&I Workshops.
Betsey McConnell

E-Learning Specialist

Betsy is a lifelong educator with extensive experience creating engaging learning materials for a range of audiences. She holds a Master’s in the field of education along with a technology certification.