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Products, processes and sales training are critical to a dealership’s success. With a robust offering of F&I training solutions we help agencies and dealerships perform at their best by better serving their customers while driving profitable results. The Protective Asset Protection Training Institute provides online, onsite and classroom training options to meet the ever-changing F&I training needs of agencies and dealers.

Our courses include:

This 2.5 day course will give you the real world tools, techniques and tactics you need to excel as an F&I Manager.

A variety of topics are included in this class including but not limited to:

  • The ProProfit F&I Sales System
  • Laws and Regulations
  • Objection handling
  • Extended Service Contracts
  • GAP Coverage

One of the unique features of all of Protective's courses is that we don’t just “turn you loose” when the course is done. You will leave with a goal based action plan and specific coaching follow-up steps to ensure that you’re using what you’ve learned once you are back on the job.

Whether you’re brand new or an experienced veteran, you’ll leave this course with specific goals to achieve that will boost your sales and production when you return to your dealership.

Some of what you'll learn:

  • How to create business outcomes designed to close more sales and improve your product penetration percentage
  • Ways to handle the toughest objections with finesse and polish
  • Actions you must take that will establish your authority, boost your credibility and earn respect
  • How to conduct an effective interview and menu presentation

Effective Sales Skills for F&I Managers Investment

Standard Investment: $995.00

Preferred client: $695.00

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Taught by Protective’s team trainers this course is designed for individuals with experience in the F&I office.

This one and half day class will help you eliminate most objections BEFORE they even become objections.

Class concepts and activities include:

  • Sharebest practices on eliminating objections
  • Learnand Practice a 5 step process to eliminating objections
  • Learnhow to streamline your presentation making menu selling easier for the customerto make a choice

Specialty Products F&I Sales Master Class

Taught by battle tested veterans of the F&I world, this course is designed specifically to improve your PVR, sharpen your skills and make you more money. There’s not an ounce of fluff anywhere in this course.

We took the most important parts of being a deal closing F&I manager and built this course around four things:

  1. Doing an effective Interview 
  2.  Creating a powerful menu presentation that works 
  3.  Handling objections Like A Boss 
  4.  Closing the sale – it’s a lot easier than you think if, you do the three above well 

You’ll spend 2.5 days working with Protective’s team trainers learning what works. And more importantly, you’ll know how to use it when you get back to your dealership. 

You will learn an effective Interview and Menu presentation that features the products your dealership is currently selling, not some tired old word track that has been around forever. It will be your presentation and no one else’s.

So if your PVR isn’t where you’d like it or you need to get back the tools that made you successful in the first place this is your course.

Specialty Products F&I Sales Master Class Investment

Protective clients: $495.00

Making certain all employees are performing at peak levels is an important feature of all successful dealerships. There are two levels of customized performance training to help ensure maximum sales penetration and efficiency: Dealer Development and the Finance & Lease Professionals Training Course.

Training specialists hold regionally focused classes–in or out of the dealership–covering successful F&I sales strategies, CSI and compliance. Classes of 1 to 5 days can be customized to meet the exact needs of each dealership.

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For your convenience Protective offers customized on-site training programs held at your dealership or at an offsite facility, tailored directly to the areas in which you wish to improve. Popular topics include:

  • Selling styles
  • Customer interviewing
  • Closing techniques
  • Regulatory compliance guidelines
  • Product education

Request a Custom F&I Road Training Course by filling out this form.

Protective offers customized RV training programs held at various points throughout the year. For more information regarding RV training, consult the training calendar and contact Bill Koster

Protective offers customized training programs held at various points throughout the year. For more information regarding marine and powersports training for your dealership, contact Paul Sheldon at 1 (800) 328-8690

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