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Man with sunglasses driving car
Man with sunglasses driving car

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Protective RV Lifetime Limited Warranty

Peace Of Mind Your Customers Can Count On
Provide your customers with the peace of mind that comes with a RV Lifetime Limited Warranty. These programs provide your customers with coverage that helps close the sale while opening the opportunity to offer a more comprehensive plan.

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Rise Above Your Competition
  • Differentiate your dealership from your competitors
  • Increase sales, customer satisfaction and retention
  • Protect the engine of your customers’ motor home for as long as they own it
  • Protect the appliances of your customers’ towable for as long as they own it
  • Marketing materials to promote the program
  • Administered by Protective, an industry leader that has been serving dealers for over 60 years
  • Dealer participation programs are available – increasing your profit-growing opportunities even more
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Coverage options

Motor Home Coverage

Provides engine coverage for all eligible vehicles at your dealership

Travel Trailer
Towable Coverage

Water Heater
AC/Heat Pump/Ventilation

Range and Oven
Heating System


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Eligible Vehicles

Towables: Conventional travel trailer, fifth wheel, live-in

horse trailer, sport utility RV, pop-up camper, slide-in

camper, tear drop camper, tent trailer, truck camper, A-line

camper, hi-lo camper, or folding camper

Motor Homes: Class A, B, C or Freightliner tow vehicles

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