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Motorhome at campsite
Motorhome at campsite

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RpmPlus RV Theft

The true cost of RV theft goes beyond simply the loss of your vehicle.

If your RV/trailer is ever stolen, and your insurance company follows common industry practices, they will only cover your RV/Trailer’s market value at the time of the loss. Fortunately, the RpmPlus RV Theft Protection Program offers you a theft deterrent and identification system helping to minimize your losses, plus a Limited Warranty Benefit that gives you up to a $5,0001 credit toward the purchase of a replacement RV/Trailer at the original selling dealer. 

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Our Theft Protection Program helps ensure peace of mind:
  • Distinctive theft warning window decals used to deter theft
  • RV or travel permanently marked with traceable identification codes used to identify the owner of a recovered RV/trailer
  • Up to $5,0001 Limited Warranty Benefit if the Theft Protection system fails to prevent the theft of the RV/Trailer, and the vehicle is declared a total loss because either the RV/Trailer is not recovered, or it is recovered, but is damaged beyond reasonable repair
  • Transferable coverage may add to the resale value of the vehicle if you transfer to a private party2
  • Coverage options up to five (7) years
  • Monthly payment option if you include the program price within your financing

Protection for the investment

The following example illustrates how the RpmPlus RV Theft Protection Limited Warranty Benefit can help cover outstanding out-of-pocket costs if your RV/trailer is stolen or declared a total loss:


Replacement vehicle costs 


Actual Cash Value of Stolen Vehicle


 Potential Expense


 Theft Protection Limited Warranty Benefit 


 Amount You Owe 


*Approximate costs; your actual costs may vary.

This example is for illustrative purposes only. Actual Limited Warranty Benefit calculations will vary based on specific circumstances.

Code number and phone number
Traceable Codes
The RpmPlus RV Theft Protection system permanently marks the vehicle’s body parts with indelible identification numbers, which are used to identify the owner of the recovered RV/trailer.

Coverage exclusions apply4:

RV/Trailers stolen outside the United States, its territories, or Canada
RV/Trailers stolen when unlocked or with the keys inside
RVs/Trailers stolen by family members or people with access to the vehicle keys

1 The Limited Warranty Benefit must be used toward the purchase of a replacement vehicle at the original selling dealer. Depending on state availability and the Warranty Benefit amount you choose at the time of product purchase. If the vehicle is purchased/leased as a used vehicle, the Theft Protection Limited Warranty Benefit amount will be the lesser of: (i) the Warranty Benefit amount selected by the customer at the time of Theft Protection Program purchase, or (ii) the actual cash value of the vehicle on the date of loss.
2Warranty is transferable within 30 days of the covered vehicle’s resale or lease assumption. Please see your Warranty for complete transfer rules. 3Additional exclusions may apply. Please see your Warranty for specific coverage details, including limitations and exclusions.

RpmPlus RV Theft is a Revolos legacy product.

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