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During these challenging times, there are some key areas of focus to help dealers drive success:

  • Be natural and conversational in your delivery. Your body language will be more noticeable in a digital environment. Also consider the average customer's limited interaction with F&I products/terminology. Have digital resources to explain each step easily.
  • Learn and understand the products. The more you understand about the products, the easier it is to tie the benefits to your customers’ lifestyle.
  • An underlying benefit of the digital transaction is attracting more regional customers. As your audience evolves, it is important to partner with an industry leader who offers a wide mix of F&I products to meet the diverse needs of your target audience.
  • Customers have numerous competing priorities. Be succinct while connecting the benefits to the customer’s lifestyle. These are trying times, so they may not be excited about the products you’re pitching, but will likely have a heightened sense of interest in keeping their vehicles looking nice and in good working order.
  • Whether you’re selling face to face or digitally, the most common processes include identifying objections up front, explaining how the products meet the customer’s needs, soft close and then a final close. Find (or create) a process that works for you and stick to it. In most cases, the process has been tested for success and could help you increase your numbers.
  • Your provider should be on digital meetings and conference calls to help coach F&I professionals on product features and enhancements. Build a relationship with your partner and lean on them when your team needs training. Have your team practice presentations with each other to get the digital pitch squared away before launching to the public.
  • Lastly, work with your provider on:

    - Continuing Education and Training

    - Properly Structure Your F&I Program

    - Understand and Leverage the RIGHT Dealer Participation Program