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FPC Premium Owner's PAC
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 FPC Premium Owner's PAC

Additional $1500 of benefits if purchasing coverage at time of watercraft saleNot only will your customers receive quality protection and superior customer service, but if the coverage is purchased at the time of watercraft sale they will also receive an additional $1,500 of benefits. 

The Premium Owner's PAC includes:


  • $100 in deductible coupons
  • $200 in lifetime renewal coupons
  • $200 in on-water/over-the-road towing coverage coupons
  • $200 in hoist/lift-out coverage coupons
  • $200 in roadside assistance coupons for trailer tire repair
  • $400 in trip interruption coupons for travel expenses
  • $200 in dockside assistance coverage coupons

All customers who purchase FPC Premium Marine Protection will receive the following preferred customer benefits: I.D. card, priority claims service, owner’s identification decal, online audio file with helpful maintenance tips, and a toll-free customer assistance hotline and repair facility locator for U.S. and Canada.

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Protective Dealer Services Marine Incentives

Protective Dealer Services Marine Incentives