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FPC Additional Benefits
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 FPC Additional Benefits

Additional $1500 of benefits if purchasing coverage at time of watercraft sale

All Engine and Accessory Package Coverage includes the following additional benefits in conjunction with a covered repair: 

  • Towing: Reimbursement for on-water/over-the-road towing charges up to $300 per occurrence. 
  • Hoist/Lift Out: Reimbursement for hoist/lift out charges of $3.50 per foot of hull length up to $300 per covered repair.
  • Pick-Up & Delivery: Reimbursement for pick-up and delivery charges up to $150 per occurrence.
  • Blocking: Reimbursement for blocking fees of $3.00 per foot of hull length up to $250 per covered repair.
  • Dockside Assistance: Reimbursement for dockside assistance of $3.00 per foot of hull length for 26 to 90 foot boats, up to $150 per occurrence of service call charges when in-water repair is needed for a covered repair for 26 to 90 foot boats only.
  • Sea Trial Labor Allowance: Reimbursement for sea trial labor charges up to $100 per covered repair.
  • Travel Expenses: Reimbursement up to $150 per day for 3 days for expenses incurred for meals and lodging and/or for boat rental incurred when the boat and/or engine(s) is undergoing a covered repair due to a mechanical breakdown that has occurred more than 100 miles from your residence.
  • Tear Down/Accessory Access: Reimbursement for up to 5 hours of labor time for tear down/accessory access, up to $500 per covered repair.

Click here to learn more about FPC Premium Marine Protection and watch a short video.

All benefits are subject to having a covered repair and have maximum reimbursement limits. Certain additional benefits may not be available in some states due to state law restrictions. See coverage booklet for exact terms, coverage and exclusions.

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Protective Dealer Services Marine Incentives