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Protective Vehicle Protection Plan

Protection for your new or pre-owned vehicle

Today’s advanced new-car technology is astonishing. Software, communications, media, safety and monitoring systems are just some of today’s sophisticated innovations, not to mention the growth of alternative drive systems (hybrids, stop/start, hydrogen, etc.). And the industry is on the brink of even more revolutionary advances – self-driving vehicles.

The Protective Vehicle Protection Plan is designed to meet the growth of technology in today's vehicles. The auto industry is seeing a demand for more advanced electronics, technology, safety and alternative power systems. The plan is better suited to meet these growing needs today and into the future. The plan offers coverage for both new and pre-owned vehicles.

we are all protectors
Rise above your competition
  • Five coverage levels including wrap, plus optional coverage to better meet the needs of today’s vehicles and consumers
  • Additional benefits that provide true peace of mind
  • Transfer benefit
  • Increase vehicle sales, customer satisfaction and retention
  • Marketing materials to promote the program
  • Administered by Protective Asset Protection, an industry leader that has been serving dealers since 1962
  • Dealer participation programs are available – increasing your profit-growing opportunities even more

Coverage Levels

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Component coverages:
Powertrain, Enhanced, Premium
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Exclusionary coverage:


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Exclusionary coverage:


Optional coverage

The Protective Vehicle Protection Plan also offers optional coverage for:

  • Business Use
  • Conversion Units (includes base units for electronic audio, video and gaming equipment)
  • Air Conditioning (for Powertrain Coverage only)
  • Mobility Equipment (chair lift motors and assemblies, electric/hydraulic ramp controls and assemblies, adjustable seating mechanisms, adjustable pedal and steering control mechanisms, hoist and swing-arm mechanisms)
  • Snow Plow
we are all protectors

Additional Benefits

*All services subject to conditions and maximum reimbursement limits. Services not available in all states.
24-Hour roadside assistance:
Towing, flat tire assistance, fluid delivery, lock-out assistance, jump-start
Substitute transportation
Trip interruption
Pet benefit

Deductible Options and Eligibility

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Deductible options
  • $50, $100, $200 and $500
  • $100 disappearing

If a deductible is not stated on the registration page the deductible will be $100.

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  • New: Current + 5 model years and under 60,000 miles
  • Wrap: Must have existing powertrain warranty (OEM, limited, lifetime, etc.)
  • Pre-owned: Current + 9 model years and under 125,000 miles



New: from 1 year/12k miles to 10 years/150k miles

Pre-owned: from 1 year/12k miles to 7 years/75k miles

Wrap: from 3 year/45k miles to 15 years/150k miles


Ready to get started?
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